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Introducing Shared Cloud Hosting

BNSI has revamped its traditional shared website hosting services to offer a more robust solution for small businesses.  With an eye towards simplicity and reliability, our new Shared Cloud Hosting service leverages modern hosting technologies to offer an enterprise-level hosting platform at small business price points.  Features include:

  • Support for PHP or ASP
  • Choice of database technologies - MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server
  • Optional SSL encryption for security
  • Scalable tiers of storage, bandwidth, and compute cycles
  • Web-based control panel

The term "cloud" is being applied to a lot of services these days and can mean different things to different people.  While at times overused, we believe it is appropriate for our Shared Cloud Hosting services. Traditional shared hosting services take one web server and allocate pieces of it to tens or hundreds of clients for website hosting.   This is a cost-effective way of delivering the service but its reliability is completely dependent on that one server.  Hardware failure, unexpected bursts in traffic, misconfigured websites, etc. can cause downtime for all the websites on that one server.

BNSI's Shared Cloud Hosting services puts websites on a scalable cloud infrastructure built with multiple web servers, clustered database servers, and load balancers.  This infrastructure is managed 24 x7 by hosting professionals and housed in Rackspace's industry-leading datacenters. These technologies are the kind used by large enterprises for highly trafficked websites but BNSI offers it on a shared basis to keep the pricing inline with traditional shared hosting services for small businesses.

Pricing starts at less than $12 per month.  Contact us at or 434-817-7300 to sign up or get more information.