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BNSI Office Move - Phone Outage

BNSI will be moving offices to our new Pantops location the morning of November 28th and throughout the day. Part of that move will require the migration of our phone lines. We have been given a window between 8AM and noon for the migration. We expect experiencing intermittent outages on our phones during this window. We will continue to have access to email so please send support requests to

Thank you for your patience as we go through this process.


Welcome to the Notices, Tips and Tricks page!

Thank you for visiting this Notices, Tips and Tricks page.  This is where we will be providing support informatiom important to current BNSI clients.  There will be notices of service changes or upcoming service impacting events. We will also post helpful tips and tricks about how to use the services and how they can be used to make your small business thrive.